ECP – Asset Declarations and Nomination Forms Available

The Election Commission of Pakistan data on Asset Declarations and Nomination Forms is now available for everyone’s benefit. It currently includes:

  1. Assets and liabilities forms:
    • From year 2013 and 2014
    • For national and all four provincial assemblies’ representatives
  2. Election nomination papers from 2013 General elections:
    • For national and all four provincial assemblies
    • Summary for all candidates
    • Detail for returned candidates


This data is hosted at


This data was publicly available on Election Commission of Pakistan website until mid April 2016. I understand that no illegal means were used to download it.

Election Commission of Pakistan – Asset Declarations and Nomination Forms


Panama Papers have created a crisis for family of the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan.

And in the wake of it, Election Commission of Pakistan has recently removed Assets & Liabilities, and Nominations Forms data of national / provincial assemblies’ parliamentarians from its website.

Apparently, this data removal has been actioned to minimise collateral damage from corruption allegations being levelled against the Sharif family, and other ruling elite of country.

Unfortunately though, information once posted on a public website doesn’t vanish if you remove it from your own website. All the deleted data is available in various archives, and with me.

For the sake of preserving democratic values and freedom of information, I want to make all this data available to everyone in near future. Till then if you need any of the deleted data, please email me at

Here is sample Assets & Liabilities declaration of Senator Pervaiz Rashid.